Comparing heart rate between Fitbit Charge 4 and Apple Watch Series 4

all right today we're gonna be comparing a church for to an Apple watch in the sense of the heart rate monitor there's been some posts saying that the heart rate monitor is off on the charge for so I want to see for myself how they compare and see how close they are to each other so here I have my wife's Apple watch and my charge for and we're gonna go for run a little bit over mile and we're gonna figure out and see if we can didn't see the results of see how they both compare okay so this is ready to go the Fitbit already set it up so it's ready to go and let's see let's hit here and let's go to run is right there we're gonna go for an outdoor run and this one's ready to go here so now I'll just hit there and it's hit that and should be pretty close all right let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right stop this one and stop this one all right so now we're gonna go in and compare the results between these two devices so let's go in alright so let's see the details regarding the run which actually is more of a jog because it takes me 13 minutes to run in 1.2 2 miles but here's the information from the charge for here on the left and the Apple watch on the right yeah here it says 1.2 2 miles as we ran we have 1.23 on the Apple watch 13 minutes and 20 seconds here it says 13 I think the Fitbit doesn't show you these seconds when you're looking at this view for some reason so it's probably a little bit closer than that let's look at the heart information because that's what we were interested in right and so here we see that we have an average beats per minute of 143 versus the Apple watch which gives us a number of 149 so it shows a higher value on the Apple watch and then if you look at the actual maximum bpm we have 155 here and here we have a value of 159 which if we look at what heart information in this section is of Health it does match with 159 so there's a difference of 4 there BPMS Rutina – all right so it seems like it's a little bit higher on the Apple watch I did have them positioned a little bit different in my arm I don't know that in my wrist so I don't know that's one of the variables there but there you can see what the information differences between the two seems like it's fairly close not exact but it's up to you whether you think that's much of a difference or not and then wonder which one is the one that's more accurate between the two based on data out there seems like the Apple watch might be a little bit more accurate but that's the difference that we see ok hope that's beneficial thanks so much for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe if you'd like these videos and have it go on thanks ok you

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