Fitbit Charge 4 Review – After Two Weeks Results (Good, Bad, & More!)

hello everybody and welcome to today's video or and talk about the Fitbit charge for now there are a lot of videos out there that cover what's changed from the three to the four just what's new what features you can expect from this model you can watch those videos for those details and they'll cover things like longer battery life being GPS enabled without needing a phone activity zone for minutes NFC chip for Fitbit pay and Spotify being included while those are a lot of cool features what I want to talk about is my real life experience well has been great about this model what hasn't worked so well and my overall thoughts about how the Fitbit charge 4 has worked as a fitness tracker so let's jump into our first topic so the first thing I did was test out the battery life on this because nobody wants to be recharging in a vice like this every two days and Fitbit boasts that you'll get seven days of battery life out of this new charge for so when I got the device the first thing I did was fully charge it start wearing it and not charge it again until it was fully dead and I figured this was like a new car thing where they tell you the average miles per gallon to say you're gonna get twenty but once you really start driving it you get about fifteen and after you're letting to go as long as it could until it died I got almost eight days so that was pretty impressive now I do want to point out during those first eight days the weather outside was pretty terrible so I didn't test the GPS functionality so once it did die we started getting good weather I fully charged the Fitbit and did four different runs outside using the GPS functionality and they did put a hit on the battery life I did one really long test to see what the impact would be going outside for a run walk of 1 hour and 45 minutes and he used 31% of the battery in that hour and 45 minutes so the GPS will has kind of expected use a lot of battery but in most cases most people aren't going to be going crazy with the GPS functionality so as a fitness tracker itself goes and just using it normally you're going to get really good battery life so I was very impressed with that and since we're talking about GPS tracking and that's the big selling point of the charge for let's talk about my experience over four different runs now the first it worked almost perfectly I started the exercise app went to the end of my driveway waited 30 seconds and then took off running and when I checked it when I got home it worked perfectly except for the GPS didn't lock in or start tracking my position until about a quarter to a half mile into my after that it didn't lose anything it caught every spot you can see exactly right when all the data was perfect but it did have a major delay before I started tracking onto my second run I did the same thing stuff I ran right away from my house I didn't wait or anything it did the whole run it logged it perfectly on my third run I started the exercise app I saw the screens come up that show that you truly started it took off my run about a quarter to a half mile another run I looked down to see how I was doing I noticed it was back to the home screen of the Fitbit meaning it had exited the exercise app so I had to restart it when I checked the results from the point where I restarted it immediately started tracking it locked into GPS and gave me all the data I wanted but for some reason it did exit out of that app and then on to my fourth run it started tracking GPS just a little bit late but that was my one where I went for an hour and 45 minutes and once it started tracking just shortly after I started running and I'm talking like seven houses down the street it tracked perfectly for an hour and 45 minutes my takeaway from this is from a hardware perspective it works great it does what's supposed to it locks in to GPS it just seems to have a delay maybe talking to those GPS satellites locking in which tells me maybe there's some room for improvement on the software side or the firmware side and over time Fitbit will push some updates that will improve this functionality so I think the device is gonna be good there just might be a little room for improvement with the software but I was overall pretty impressed just a little inconsistent and if you do want to check out these devices for yourself I have links to the charge three and the charge four in my description down below so they're right there for you another change I noticed after setting up my Fitbit was that in the Fitbit app my activity minutes changed to activities zone minutes and in the old system inactivity minutes once I reached a heart rate of I think it was 98 beats per minute I would get a minute for every minute I stayed in that zone or higher well now that I'm in the zones platform I actually have to reach a higher heart rate to get minutes now that's a good and a bad it's a little harder to get minutes and so when I'm walking I don't usually get miss I have to be doing something a little more strenuous but you get bonus minutes once you reach a higher heart rate so once you're more of a cardio state then you'll get two minutes for every actual one minute you're in that zone so you have the capability of earning more depending on the work how you're doing kind of low paced just gently elevated heart rates aren't gonna give you those minutes like they were before and for me the biggest impact was in some of the games that we use on Fitbit for motivation example being the bingo game where you have to complete different things or tiles that it can be activity minutes or other categories to try to beat everybody else completing your bingo tiles and in my case completing activity minutes got a lot harder because walking no longer counted and that's where I used to get a lot of my minutes so it's not a bad thing it's just a mindset change knowing that how you get your minutes has changed in the new platform and you need to know how to do that if you're playing games or trying to reach certain goals so something to keep in mind so one of my favorite features about fitbit's is actually the collection of sleep data as someone has struggles to feel like they're re-energized after sleeping a lot of times looking at the Fitbit data can really tell me a lot about how my previous day am i eating and what not influenced my sleep so I can make changes that help me feel better on a daily basis and after getting the charge for I noticed that all the data was there except for the estimated oxygen variable that data or that chart would just be completely empty so I reached out to Fitbit support and what they told me to do was reboot the device so I waited till it died cuz I was doing a battery test and after I charged a backup I held the button on the side for eight seconds waited for a smiley face it rebooted and then that night the data started collecting and sleep data has been 100% there and I have everything that I normally look forward to when trying to go through my sleep information so that has been great minor glitch I the gate I don't think most people have probably experienced this but the fixed was super easy and since then the sleep data has been spot-on so I'm very happy with that functionality and as far as a bit of a pro and con I'm just gonna say that it's a Fitbit the pro is you know what you're getting you're getting a fitness tracker that collects a lot of data it gives you a lot of information has some motivational aspects to it and you know what you're getting it does what it does and it does it well it collects the data well it gives you your heart rate sleep data it does all those things the steps and it does a really good job at it and the charge for is no exception I'm very happy with the data is collected how it's worked if it's done its job or not so it's very good but on the con side not much has changed from the charts 3 that charge for the major change is GPS so if you like to track your and know where you went and be able to look at that kind of data well then this might be a nice little upgrade because the cost isn't that big of a difference from the charge three but if that's not something you use the charge three might be a better point for you if you're looking to get into a Fitbit because it's basically the same device – that functionality so charge three no GPS charge for GPS that's the real simplified way I'd look at it but all in all both are good devices and overall it's mostly a pro just don't think you're getting some crazy upgrade and to wrap this up and cover probably the most important thing is what did I think I'm two weeks in how well did this thing work did it do what it was supposed to do well to be honest outside the couple glitches I talked about with the GPS maybe not locking it as quick as I was supposed to and having to restart to get my sleep data correctly log it's been great the heart rates been tracking perfectly the steps have been great everything you expect it to do pretty much has worked great I'm very happy with everything it's done and it seems to be a very good device there's no shortage of data I can go to the Fitbit app and see all sorts of things it puts text from my phones right on here I can read them real quick it does all sorts of things and it does it really well and if you're thinking about this device or the charge three I don't see any reason to tell you why you shouldn't get it they're not overly expensive but as a fitness tracker they do what they're supposed to do and they do it very well so I'm very happy I think you'd be very happy and all in all it's a great option so now you know everything I've experienced after two weeks with the Fitbit charge for I hope this has helped you out if it has hit that like button helps me out and I would really really appreciate it don't forget to that subscribe button for future reviews on home gym equipment but until next time here's to a healthier you and have a good one

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