Fitbit Charge 4 Setup (Step-by-Step)

hey everyone I’m Kelsey from wearable whisperer and today I’m going to show you how to set up your Fitbit charge for so you’ll want to open up your Fitbit app and assuming you’re already logged in you’ll go ahead and tap on your profile picture in the upper left hand corner and then you’ll see set up a device and here in this scrollable list you’ll want the fine charge for and then tap on it and here it just says setup so we’ll tap on that and here we have some privacy information if you agree go ahead and tap accept and then it says charge of charge for let’s your device charge during setup depends on the charger must lock securely with the port on the back of the device if your device is charging you’ll see a smiley face or battery on the screen and then we’re given a little animated gif showing us what we need to do so what you need to do is these are the charging pins on the back of your charge for on the charging cable that came in the box from one with the gray portion here you’ll see two gold charging pins so you’ll want to align those with the charging pins on the tracker and in order to get the tracker to fit you need to press on the bottom here so that the little clasps expand so press line up and then what usually happens is I don’t get this in perfectly so what I found is I need to kind of wiggle it until I hear a click ok so I think that worked oh there we go second time was actually better as a louder click and now if I try to move the tracker inside the Chargers not going anywhere so on the other side you have a USB type a plug you can plug that into a compatible power source I’m going to use a external portable hard drive hard drive power bank and just plug that in and I heard a vibration on my charge four and it’s telling me about going to set up which I don’t need to do so I think this is a little bit misleading your device is charging and you haven’t set it up yet you’re not gonna see this smiley face of battery but I think the first time you do this is not the first time I’ve plugged it into the charger so you will see a smiley face the very first time alright so what happens is I’m actually going to take this out you don’t need to but I want to show you what’s going on on the screen so keep your charging and I’m gonna tap on next so now it’s searching my phone is searching for charge for and it actually found it further quickly it connected to it faster than I could even talk and you now have a four digit display on your screen so you’ll have a different number most likely and you’ll enter that number into your phone so let’s go ahead and enter the number all right so now it says connecting to Fitbit this is all part of the waiting game to set up your tracker my phones old phones so for some reason it keeps dimming the display and that was not a low-power mode so as usual I like to do these videos real-time you can skip ahead if you want they’ll put timestamps down below but it just kind of gives you the actual experience of setting up this device which is not as easy as it ideally should be but again they are two different companies trying to have hardware and software work together so anyway there was a check mark on the charge for screen which is good on my iPhone is now saying bluetooth pairing requests charge four would like to pair with your iPhone you definitely want to do that so tap on pair allow charge for to display your iPhone notifications when this accessory is connected all the notifications you receive will appear on its display so if you want to receive notifications from your phone on your charge for go ahead and tap allow if you do not you can tap don’t allow you can also change the setting in the app in the future I’m gonna go ahead and tap allow because I want notifications and here it’s saying set up your charge for this process normally takes several minutes to complete make sure to keep your charge for charging and near your phone until the update is done so let’s go ahead and tap update now all right so we’ve got setting up charge for we’ve got a little circle moving progress thing it says updating 0% and nothing is on the screen at the moment check out the awesome things okay we have a 1% updating so progress there we go check out the awesome thing you can do with your charge for so we’ve got track activity and I’ll just note here at the bottom it does say you can use your phone during the set up but keep it close to your charge for track activity.

if I tap on that it says track activity activity impacts your goals charge for works with a Fitbit app to track and improve your activity steps see how many steps you take daily and set a goal to challenge yourself distance your steps are converted into distance so see how far you traveled floors get credit for taking the stairs or hiking up a hill calories your device tracks how many calories you burned use the Fitbit app to log calories from food now one note about calories as fitbit’s show you your total calories burned and total calories burned is made up of the active calories you burn through exercise but also the passive calories that your body burns just by being alive so one of the most common questions or confusions about Fitbit as you wake up in the morning and you look at your app for your sleep and it says you’ve already burned 1,200 calories well that’s how many calories your body earned during sleep that’s not how many active calories you burned Fitbit doesn’t really give you that number on a daily basis and tells you on a per workout basis but that’s just something to know also active zone minutes this is a new feature that was launched with the charge 4 it says count the time spent in your target heart rate and zones to know if you meet the expert recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity per week and looks like the the update went to 100% while we were checking this out and there is a progress bar on the charge for screen and you can see that it’s moving from left to right and it’s about maybe 40 50 percent right now so we’ll continue on looking at this we got exercise with heart rate and GPS so use heart rate tracking to keep tabs on your workout intensity the built in GPS can map your exercise route even if you don’t carry a phone real-time pace and distance built-in GPS track space and distance during runs and rides see an exercise map in the Fitbit app goal track for twenty-plus exercises set a goal for a specific exercise your device tracks your progress and stats while you’re on the go easy exercise tracking your device has smart Trek technology to automatically recognize when you’ve worked out 24/7 heart rate tracking keep a pulse on how fast your heart is beating and see trends charge for tracks your heart rate 24/7 to help you exercise better in active zone minutes feel a buzz from your device when you reach your target heart rate zones during exercise it’s a sign you’re earning minutes so I’m just noticing here that we’ve got a full progress bar it seems on the charge for display although it still says installing so let’s talk about sleep tracking and score so says charge four gives you data without disturbance all you have to do is wear it to bed and wake up to new stats sleep stages v ur time spent asleep in light deep and REM sleep from the Fitbit up sleep score get to know your night with a daily sleep quality score see all your sleep stats at a glance sleep mode and silent alarm your device has a sleep mode that allows you to dim the display and silence all calls and texts set a silent alarm and wake to a gentle vibration on your wrist all right so I just heard a vibration and saw a check mark on my charge for not sure if that means it’s finished or if it has to go through one more progress bar I guess I’ll go ahead and look at notifications because it still says installing here on my phone so notifications at a glance get notifications for calls texts and meeting invites plus send quick replies to texts android-only oh there we go so our phone says charge for is ready so I’ll click quickly go through pay from your wrist tip it pay let you pay on the go so you can leave that wallet at home payments are fast and secure merchants never see your card number and you still get my protection add your cards and credit or debit cards in the Fitbit app look for the symbol Fitbit pay works anywhere that accepts contactless payments tap and pay hold your watch next to the terminal I’ll get confirmation and go and stylish clock faces charge for comes with different clock faces to metric mood lifestyle or look all later show you the different clock faces that are available so let’s go ahead and tap continue alright it says try it on it’s the moment your wrist has been waiting for where your device loosely enough to slide up and down your wrist during workouts secure the band so that lays flat two to three finger widths above your wrist bone you can go ahead and try yours on I want to kind of easily show you the screen so I’m gonna keep mine on the table for now but go ahead and tap next when you’re ready alright so swiping up reveals your stats like steps sleep and more so let’s go ahead and try so you have to have the display on first so I’m going to double tap to activate the display okay and then swiping up is the stats so now I can see the battery percentage is that fifty five steps says ten seeing this is the calories burned it always says 1021 calories burned even though I have not worn this today and then at the bottom we had the active zone minutes we have floors climbed and so on so floors climbed active zone minutes total calories burned distance resting heart rate that looks like current heart rate that’s grayed out this is the steps for the hour for the reminders to move total steps for the day all right and then you swipe down and it brings you back to the clock face so I’m gonna head and tap next let’s press button takes you back to the previous screen or to the clock face so go ahead and try that I press the button and I feel that little vibration feedback and it goes back to the clock face okay I’m gonna get next sis wipe down show the latest texts and calls so if I swipe down here it says nothing new here you’re all caught up that’s because I haven’t received any notifications and then you can either swipe up to get back to the clock face or like they say press the button whichever you prefer I’ll tap next press and hold the button controls to turn Do Not Disturb turn on do not disturb screen wake or other modes so it’s kind of like a quick a quick setting so I’m gonna press and hold alright so it looks like it took me to payments and if I swipe over I get the nd or just do not disturb and screen wait I believe this is where the sleep mode should be also go ahead and tap next swipe left reveals your apps then press button to go back okay so from the clockface swipe left to reveal apps looks like we have exercise agenda relax timers alarms weather and settings so if I push the button back once takes them back to the clock face ok tap on next product care tips clean your band and wrist regularly with a soap-free cleanser if you’re charged for gets wet remove and dry completely after your activity take occasional breaks from wearing your charge for if your skin gets irritated be sure to remove the tracker charge for has a small hole for the altimeter don’t insert any items into the hole as you can damage the device tap product care tips for more info so you can either get more info about product care or tap the next like me and now it says all set now get moving and make every moment count so you can either learn about charge for which you can also do later on in the app or I’m gonna go ahead and press them so here’s their little called action for Fitbit premium it currently extend other– free trial to 90 days now just to be clear you can get your sleep score without premium this is just I guess showing you what went into the calculation of your sleep score you can get programs wellness reports mindful sessions you can see more premium features it’s currently $10 a month or $80 a year for the free trial I do believe you have to give a credit card so it’s not ideal but make sure you cancel before at least 24 hours before the trial period ends if you do want a free trial but don’t want to get charged so anyway if you don’t want that there is X here at the top left to click out of that there you go that’s setting up your Fitbit charge for if you found this video useful please give it a thumbs up down below also consider subscribing if you want to watch more Fitbit charge for videos let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the charge for and otherwise thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you in my next video [Music]

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