Fitbit – how to sync and get notifications with IOS devices

a very good morning to you this is a tech guru where we look at all things technical today we're going to be looking at the Fitbit how to sync and get notifications with iOS devices so basically today we're demonstrating this using an Apple iPhone 7 and a Fitbit charge dude tracker so to sort of sync I'm able to get notifications we need to go to our settings page so if we go to that and the first thing we need to do is go to bluetooth we'll actually need to turn it on so that the phone can talk to the actual tracker so if we just select that you should come up ok so as you can see there basically the charge 2 is listed in the Bluetooth categories and it's just trying to connect bear with me ok and as you can see there it is actually connected so that's sorted there so at least they're talking to each other ok now we need to actually go into the app itself obviously when you've seen this is assuming you've got the app on your phone so it's downloaded in the App Store and it's all signed in so we need to go to the up next so just bear with me while I demonstrate that ok so once we're in the app what we need to do is actually go into the actual into the account itself so if we select that and then as you can see that we've got the the information listed so we'll go basically into the charge to track if we select that and then there you can actually see the details and one of them unlisted on there as the actual notifications and bearing in mind that sort of you can actually manually sync it at any time so women their notifications we can actually ask it to sort of send notifications whether it's call text messages calendar events etc so as you can see they're all on to turn them all off it's like that and just obviously to make sure they're turned on is just a case of enabling all of them there ok so once the notifications and all enabled if we go back there bearing in mind you can actually have an all-day sync which is set as the default as I understand which is here and all they sing but obviously what you can do is you can actually get it to sink as well at any time so basically all day sync is set for example but you can force it to sink by pressing to think now so as you can see that sinking just let it go through the motions okay so that's done now bearing in mind with these notifications that can vary between fitbit's as to what notifications can receive on the display this is obviously set up using a Fitbit charge too so just thought that'd be useful to demonstrate that one thing to point out is when you're actually carrying the Bluetooth if you get a message anytime that ice if you want to pair with the Fitbit charge to device obviously just select it and then go through the instructions there and pair it okay so that really should all be ready to go now and if we look at the actual Fitbit itself bear with me if we scroll through two notifications that should be set is on and also one thing to point out you can actually turn notifications off as well locally so if you just hold the button on the left hand side in that can turn the notifications on there so if you're out and about and you just want to turn them off you can also do that on your watch so that's off and that really concludes this video so just want you to demonstrate today about Fitbit how to sync and get notifications with iOS devices hope that's been useful if there's anything particularly liked about the video today please feel free to comment below but in the meantime if you want more information like this please subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for listening and catch you again later bye for now you

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