Fitbit Versa 2 In-Depth Review – So This Is Why Google Bought Fitbit!

the Fitbit Versa 2 is a fascinating fitness tracker it is fitbit's latest SmartWatch that is a direct answer to the Apple watch I'm really excited to review it so let's get right into it [Music] the first and most prominent thing I want to mention about the Versa too is how comfortable it is to wear I really enjoy wearing this watch despite how bulky it may have looked don't let the squared bulkiness kind of mislead you I think this is actually a very comfortable watch I absolutely love the feel of this watch on my hand and I find it almost comparable to wearing a smaller fitness tracker such as the garmin vivosmart before or the Fitbit charge 3 most importantly the Versa 2 only weighs 40 grams which is the same way as the comparable vivoactive 4s 40 grams on your wrist feels actually really light and it does not distract you at all from sleeping or wearing this to the gym I find that these silicone bands are actually really smooth on my wrist and don't bother me at all and the wrist strap buckle doesn't bother me when I'm typing so that's a really nice positive because sometimes they can be really big and be very bothersome when you have it lying down flat on a table the only con I have to say about the straps is that it's very difficult to put them back on so you may be able to see on the Resta too that it has a wedge design there's a smaller surface area at the bottom of the watch touching your skin this allows you to kind of bend your wrist up and move it around and have it not be so annoying so this is actually a really cool design so it may look kind of bulky on the exterior but actually how it feels on your wrist is very comfortable and a smooth experience now one thing I immediately notice when I put on the watch it definitely looked like an Apple watch and I think Fitbit had no shame in copying apples design it kind of looks very similar to apples kind of boxy curved edge type of design sometimes I observed people in public wearing the Versa too and almost I always think that they're wearing an Apple watch so it's kind of funny how they copy their design now the next thing I want to talk about is a really big deal and I'm gonna dedicate a whole section on this because this feature to me is one of the game changers for the Versa too and I'm hoping that other fitness trackers and smartwatches follows followed with this type of design and I'm talking about Alexa the smart assistant and thank goodness that we don't have big speed because Samsung civic speed is absolutely horrible I've tested it on the active and Galaxy watches its voice recognition is terrible Alexa's voice dictation is actually very accurate and doesn't really mess up many operas no I think having Alexa on your wrist or kind of really good smart assistant is a game changer for your day-to-day use you can actually be walking on a busy street and then quickly set a reminder or maybe set an alarm or set a timer one of the major annoyances using a small screen such as that on a fitness tracker or SmartWatch is that trying to configure something like a setting or setting an alarm can be very cumbersome if you have to Manly and put it with your hands I find manual input with your finger gestures or tapping to be very cumbersome on such a small watch obviously because it's so small using your voice you can get tasked on really quickly and very efficiently I think voice input is an essential feature on any fitness tracker or any SmartWatch going forward into the future I'm even demanding that these voice assistants actually be embedded in smaller form factors such as the Fitbit charge 3 or the vivo smart for dim the bedroom lights to 10% one of the things I despised when I was using my Garmin SmartWatch or finish rocker was that if I wanted to do a voice reply I couldn't there was no voice input and I think Garmin is really behind on this so I'm really hoping that Garmin and all other smaller form factor smart fitness trackers do implement some sort of voice assistant because I think it's an essential feature going forward one of my favorite features with Alexa are reminders reminders actually buzz your wrist continually so you're not gonna miss them what's really cool is that Alexa has a dashboard for your timers reminders and alarms now in the past I've used Samsung's Bixby and I found that voice dictation into the watch was actually very inaccurate I would talk to it say something and it would completely miss what I was saying I'm happy to report that with the Alexa voice assistant on the Versa to voice dictation is almost 100% accurate and I have to commend them because I'm very impressed that they're able to fit this voice assistant and this microphone in such a form small form-factor voice dictation on this fitbit Versa 2 is quite amazing now one of the major issues using a voice assistant is that sometimes it's very laggy or slow I've observed this on the Guero West watches that only have four gigs of RAM now with the Alexa I've heard some high-profile youtubers reviewing this versa too and they were saying that the Alexa replies and getting into Alexa was slow but I in my experience it was quite different yes it's not super fast and it's not super instant and it's replies or not as as fast but I found that over experience of using Alexa on the Versa too more than adequate and fast enough for my needs it's definitely faster than my experience of using the Google Voice assistant on where West when did the Raptors play next so I'm extremely happy with the performance and a snappiness of the actual watch when when it comes to using lxf now there's one caveat to this though I noticed that when I'm trying to speak into the microphone given that there's only one microphone on the watch and it's on to the right side of the watch you kind of have to put it very close to your mouth so that it can properly hear all the words that you're saying if you kind of speak to it more than maybe 40 centimeters away from your mouth it's gonna have a hard time detecting the voice and I think that has to do with how we try to isolate background noise so I do recommend that every time you use the voice assistant just long press the button which is a nice shortcut and then speak to it relatively close I know it looks kind of silly but I do this to my phone every time I talk to my phone to the voice assistant I just take my phone and directly talk into it this way it doesn't mess up anything and it's just very reliable now unlike where I Wes I had no syncing issues when I was using smart assistant features or just using the device in general I found that where OS but sometimes just not work at all I would summon the assistant and it would not take the Bluetooth data and transmit it to the phone and then back so there was always some kind of syncing issue with where less where's with versa two has been very reliable throughout my entire results now one interesting thing to note was that pebble was acquired by Fitbit quite quite some time ago and pebble was one of the first few smart watches on the market to have voice replies it's kind of cool to see some of pebbles DNA propagate into versa – such as customized watch faces and custom apps and of course voice replies I hope in the future perhaps the versa 3 they include a speaker because right now when you talk to Alexa it only responds back with text it doesn't have an actual speaker on the device so you can't make phone calls you can't send text messages and you obviously you can't hear replies from the voice assistant which to me isn't a bad thing it's not that's not the end of the world and we're just very glad that there is some voice input on this device another caveat to using the Alexa assistant is that you're kind of stuck to Amazon's eco system for example if you want to set a reminder it's not gonna show up on your Google reminders it's gonna show up on Amazon services which isn't that bad and it's not as bad as obviously Bixby now perhaps in the future given that Google acquired fit that they might replace Alexa with obviously Google assistant that would be amazing that would be a huge game-changer and it would even be better than having a like so even though Alexa is pretty good for what it is set a timer for 10 minutes the next thing I want to talk about is the display or the screen and I have to say the screen is absolutely gorgeous it's beautiful to look at it's pixel density is very high so overall I'm just very pleased just using this watch swiping through the screens the screen looks absolutely gorgeous and one thing you'll note is that there are bezels and they're pretty big but however given that the operating system is using a dark theme overall and given that the watch has a dark theme all around in terms of its actual look the bezels kind of just blend into the operating system and you're not distracted by it so overall the screen looks really big and the pixel density is quite magnificent in fact the pixel density is so good you can actually put barcodes you can put your airline tickets from United Airlines or you can put your Starbucks gift code on that on top of having Fitbit pay so you actually don't have to bring your wallet when you go to the gym you can put your membership bar code on it and you can just scan to enter for example that's one of the cool things about having a color display that has such a high resolution you can put all these types of barcodes onto your device and not have to carry an extra wallet so you might be asking how is the interface how is the software how does it feel to actually use and browse to you know the apps in the menus I'll have to say it is pretty snappy the performance of this device is actually quite good however the animations are a little bit choppy but nowhere near as bad as what you may think so I think overall they did a really good job on trying to balance between performance and battery life I find that opening apps is actually relatively quick and snappy and obviously a lot faster than where OS so good job to Fitbit on that now there's one thing that is predominant through that using the operating system and navigating through their menus is this there's no swipe back feature and what I meant what I mean by that is let's say you open up and then you want to just go back to the main screen you have to physically press the left Mountain button and I find that really annoying because it's kind of very hard to switch to the did I kind of press it all the time as I'm swiping I would prefer just how to have a swipe right feature to kind of exit an app or exit a menu I don't know why then implement this simple gesture I really wish they would impute leverage more gestures throughout the operating system another thing is that they're not using any gestures on swipe right on the home screen I feel like they could use some more information such as maybe calendar widget or something like that instead of just doing nothing now in comparison to Garmin which has an amazing interface by swiping up and down you can toggle through all the widgets and their widgets are Fitness centric they show you stats and let's say your heart rate and stuff like that and Fitbit does the same thing too if you swipe up you start showing all your fitness stats and metrics for the day it's such a sleep time now there's one thing that I don't like about Fitbit implementation is that they don't put any smart features for example let's say you want to see your calendar event your next agenda it would be sweet if I could just swipe up and then see that information right away instead I have to swipe to the left and then I have to open up the app thankfully they allow you to arrange the apps kind of in the order kind of like what you do an iPhone you just long press and then you can move your application to the let's say the front to the first page and for example let's say you want a quick access to your weather you can just swipe to the left and then tap that weather app but I just don't like the action of having to open up a separate app I kind of wish it was just part of the operating system as you navigate through the widgets kind of like notifications as you swipe up you kind of see whether you kind of see your calendar events and obviously your fitness metrics now there's one thing that I think they did really well and it's the notifications and if you swipe down one more time you actually get access to some quick toggles you can go into the settings and then you can enable do not disturb wakeup gesture sleep mode screen brightness and all other types of settings this is really nice if you want to quickly toggle do not disturb because sometimes you're getting too much notifications you want to stay focused it's just nice being able to go really smoothly in the operating system and quickly disable for example I don't want to be disturbed or I'm in sleep mode what I really like about this is that you can access your Fitbit pay really fast by just swiping down and then you have three buttons at the top you have some quick access for example swipe down you can control your music see Fitbit paying and you can get access into your quick settings if you opt in to use Fitbit pay you'll need to enter your password every 24 hours which is a little inconvenience but I find accessing my Fitbit pay really simple thanks to the swipe down gesture on the notification panel the next big topic is smart notifications and this is an integral feature for any fitness tracker any SmartWatch you buy on today one of the best benefits of having notifications on your wrist is that you can have you can avoid using your phone you can conserve the battery of your phone by not having to turn on the huge display and just have have a quick glance of all your notifications on your watch now yes notifications can be very annoying so I really appreciate that they have a quick access to do not disturb or you can select which apps give you notifications now I've covered this a lot in a lot of detail on the Fitbit charts tree throughout my full in-depth review I still thinks of this day in 2020 that Fitbit has one of the best notification systems the way they render notifications especially on Android given users the access to inline notification actions so for example let's say you're using a public transit app and you're you know moderate monitoring a specific bus and that's how you want to set a timer you can set a timer for let's say 1 minute given that there's an inline action obviously another really major benefit of having the microphone is that you can do force replies so let's say you get a text message you want to quickly reply your voice replies are gonna be very contextual because you can quickly and I mean really quickly because the performance of this application the entire OS is really fast you can just do a quick reply one very small my new two complaint above notification is that I would like to have a weaker vibration setting there's just normal and strong and I find that the normal is a bit too strong for my taste the next big feature part of the Versa – that's usually on premium smartwatches is music and music control now unfortunately for me I'm not a big music fan I don't like having music on my wrist because I find it more annoying to have to load music and then pair my Bluetooth headphones to it and you know it's just overall not a fun experience I'd rather just take my phone to the gym and just pair it there because navigating through music can be very complex and it's very hard it obviously eats into your battery and it's just I find having music on your wrist kind of pointless however if you're a runner that doesn't want to carry a large phone in your pocket while you're running I can see the major benefit in having the music on your Fitbit device now unfortunately I think the music implementation is still poor there are a couple things that are pretty bad with it one is that you can't strip you can't use Spotify the Premium Subscription and Load music onto it the Spotify app is only for controlling your Spotify app on your smartphone so I kind of find I found that pretty pointless and kind of annoying that I can't really load music from Spotify the next thing is that I have to manually sync music from my desktop onto my Fitbit watch and I mean come on there's a comment that someone said on another video that is it 2002 I mean seriously syncing music is kind of old school I really wish that it was just all part of a native experience I just open up the Fitbit app and I can sink my music through whatever your subscription service I have now you can use Deezer which is another subscription music that can load music onto the watch but unfortunately that to me isn't a very popular streaming platform at least in Canada and I don't have access to diesease I don't want to pay for another subscription so I think it's really unfortunate that there's no maybe Amazon music or Spotify music that you can allow you to load music and podcasts onto your SmartWatch and also funny enough when I went to the Fitbit website during the time of filming of this video I could not download their desktop application to load music like mp3s on to this SmartWatch which was really disappointing so I can't even get the future to work and I'm really disappointed in that another major con but the music controls of this device is that I'm not able to control the music of my smartphone so for example let's say I open up Google music or a YouTube video I want to be able to go onto my watch and quickly pause your play change the volume it's kind of a remote control to your smart watch this feature is not on this device unlike the Garmin which does have this feature I'm surprised that this doesn't have it so very odd that this feature doesn't exist on this versa 2 SmartWatch another weak aspect of the versa 2 is the watch face now don't get me wrong if you are a fitness nerd or you love Fitness metrics you're gonna get all that information on as complications on your SmartWatch watch face however for me I like to see things like the weather the next calendar event maybe next notification and I find that the customization and the third-party watch face support isn't very mature or is not very good one of the major complaints for me is that a lot of third-party some watch faces require you to pay for it and I don't mind paying for it I know it's hard work develop these applications but I find the experi of having to pay for it kind of poor because you have to go it's kind of an out of app experience so it's not like a very smooth experience you go onto Google Play Google Play Store and you can just download an app and pay for it it's kind of annoying to have to constantly pay for customs or third-party watch faces or applications to this day I think that where OS garment and even pebble had a way better watch face ecosystem especially when it comes to displaying smart stats such as next calendar event notifications or the weather now I'll say one major positive to watch faces on the actual versa 2 is the always-on display and that is an amazing essential feature that I really need I love just being able to just quickly glance my watch not have to worry about the gesture feature the gesture moisten feature works very well and it even has a really nice smooth animation it kind of just kind of puts the extra information onto the display really smoothly kind of transitions in but I find that the always-on display feature is absolutely amazing and I'm so happy that they have it and it works very well and doesn't really drain the battery life as far as I'm concerned so you might be saying hey you've been talking a lot about the smart features what about fitness tracking isn't that what Fitbit is all about and yes I do think that Fitbit is more fitness tracking centric I do think that their heart rate tracking their sleep tracking and the fitness tracking are world-class one of the best that you can get out there I think that there are heartrate algorithms there sleep tracking algorithms are very well developed and they're very accurate and yeah so I have no complaints about the fitness tracking there's one major complaint I heard online but I haven't verified it is that swimming the swim detection on this is not very good now I haven't I don't have access to a pool right now so if you are a major swimmer I definitely recommend researching into this and see if this will fit your needs now unfortunately Fitbit has one major hole in its fitness tracking and I think that's rep counting or weight lifting they have a very simple weight lifting application all you do is kind of just start it and it well all it does is track the time that you are doing your weight lifting and in attract the calories that were burnt it does have this notion of laps that you can press every time you do a set but it doesn't do half what Garmin does or where OS does in terms of tracking the in-between time between your sets I like to track what my rest time is and how long I'm to how long it takes for me to do a set doesn't have any weight detection feature so it doesn't know what kind of motion you're doing so none of that actually works it's just a very simple start and stop weightlifting captive exercise personally for me I can't use this watch because it doesn't have a rep counter I'm forced to use a Garmin watch or a wireless watch and this is really unfortunate because I feel like with all their fancy sensors accelerometers and obviously bright engineers they have really some really smart people working a fit but especially now it's Koch acquired by Google why can't they do this so please I hope in future iterations given that Fitbit has been acquired by Google I hope that would bring some of this technology into the vs. series now there is a third party custom app that tries to do what I'm trying to talk about which in terms of the rep counting but I find that that app was really hard to use it was an out of app experience I had to go on a different website type in some code it was just very annoying I wish Fitbit would just do a native experience and even that app wasn't working very accurately you weren't able to start and stop a set it was just all automated and it would just start your your rep your your rest time automatically based on some timer so that we do not help very well and I'm very sad about this now in terms of the actual apps the quality apps are I think better than Garmin but not as good as where I Wes I find that apps open up really fast and they're very performant and I'm hoping that these apps will continue to grow over the future so the next thing I want to talk about is sleep tracking and there spo2 sensor or their blood oxygen reading sensor and I find that Fitbit is one of the world's best in terms of detecting when you properly start your sleep and when you end your sleep I find that Garmin devices sometimes can really mess up and they're not very accurate in fact Garmin devices make you kind of go into the application and set your start and end time when you fall asleep typically I fall asleep at different hours of the night and I find that Fitbit is very accurate in detecting your start and stop especially when it comes to your deep sleep REM sleep time your awake and your light sleep it's all very accurate unfortunately the svo2 sensor like in my previous video I definitely recommend checking that out where I go into detail about the spo2 and its results I found that the ESP o2 sensor doesn't really give any good information another con is that you can't seek through the graph to actually see what the values are so let's jump into a concrete example and observe how fitbit's SP o2 sensor actually works so this is fitbit's estimated oxygen variation and as you can see right at the beginning there's a high spike it actually surpasses that line and that shows that there was a high in your blood oxygen saturation which could mean some sort of sleep apnea event you stop breathing for example could be a possible outcome of that now the funny thing is that this result is actually from someone who has not been diagnosed with sleep apnea in fact that person has a proper sleep has no complaints about sleep apnea or anything like that so that spike might just be an anomaly and it will look at my results and we'll compare that and see what it looks like so here are my results as you can see I don't go above the high threshold so that means I don't have a high oxygen variation this is very misleading based on what I've captured and other devices such as such as the better sleep tuner and the low key ring sleep monitor I believe those devices are properly representing my sleep apnea just have a look at my stopped breathing events as reported by better sleep tuner you can tell that I definitely have some sort of sleep apnea unlike fitbit's reports and looking at Loki's ring sleep monitor you can see the yellow red lines that's where I'm having sleep apnea vents where my blood oxygen saturation has gone down so this is next day's results from the Fitbit charge 3 in terms of the relative spo2 and as you can tell there hasn't been any much change and it's very it's really hard to decipher what is actually happening here do I have sleep apnea vents is there something wrong with my blood oxygen variation as you can tell by the graph there's obviously some variation in my blood oxygen however I'm never going over the high threshold which is very confusing so I've been testing this against the sleep tuner and other more sophisticated blood oxygen saturation Reaper sensors and I find that the Fitbit relatives SP o2 sensor it doesn't really give any useful information as I mentioned before so I found this feature pretty much kind of useless and it's really sad that they don't give anything valuable out of it one really cool feature that Fitbit offers is smart alarms and what you can do is you can set a time that you want to wake up for example let's say you want to wake up at 9:30 and it'll detect you 30 minutes prior to 9:30 whether you're in a light sleep mode and what it will do is it'll actually wake you up let's say 9 9 a.m. which is 30 minutes within the 30 minute boundary because you're in a light sleep it detects that you're in a light sleep and it actually will vibrate and on your wrist give you the haptic feedback and you'll wake up in a less groggy state this smart alarm feature might be useful people who want to wake up less groggy and don't mind waking up a little bit earlier than their set alarm time for me I like to sleep in so I'll surpass my sleep time by maybe another 30 minutes so you might be wondering how is versus two's battery life I have to say even with the always-on display on all the time and the larger screen I have to say that I am getting the four day battery life and that's to me is amazing because I can easily last four days and just charge it in between four days compared to where Wes is actually really long so I had a lot to say about the Versa too in general I want to summarize that the Versa – is an amazing comfortable watch to wear day in day out throughout your workout and sleep I found that the screen is gorgeous – look at the pixel density is amazing I find that the Alexa integration is amazing being able to control my smart home lights set reminders and do voice replies is actually a very useful feature and it performs very relatively quick my only cons for this Smart Watch is the lack of a rep counter to me this is a very nice feature I understand but I don't understand why Wireless and Garmin have these native a built-in so this is a nice feature it may not affect you so don't let this deter you from actually getting this watch another disappointing feature with this Smart Watch is the relative spo2 sensor I find that the data that is presented is not very helpful and doesn't allow me to actually discern any information from it overall I really liked his device the Versa – I think it's an amazing compliment from Fitbit being able to put a microphone and the Alexa assistant and have a pretty long battery life and a very very beautiful screen I'm really excited about the feature at Fitbit I really hope that they continue this pace of innovation bringing these game-changing features such as the Alexa assistant in their next series anyways that's it for this video review of the Versa to let me know what you guys think about this SmartWatch I know it's been out for a while so I'd love to hear what people think about it if you like this video please do give a like it really helps out this channel and definitely consider subscribing if you want to hear more wearable related content thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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