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what's up guys I'm Jeff for the Jeff from residence comm today we're doing and compare it what's up guys i'm jeff for the jihad from res news calm today we're doing a comparison of the garmin vivoactive 4 in the vivoactive 3 so essentially what we're talking about is what's new with the vivoactive 4 and is it worth buying or upgrading to let's get to it alright so let's start off with the similarities between the vivoactive 4 and the 3 spoiler alert it's mostly everything because they I mean it is a small upgrade over the vivoactive 3 that said here's the stuff that they have in common so the same general overall design they have basically the same sensors a risk-based heart rate sensor they're both water-resistant down to 50 meters they both have GPS GLONASS and Galileo so you can use GPS by itself or GPS and GLONASS or GPS and Galileo depending on you know the accuracy that you want to achieve and the battery that you want to crush but they have three different types of you know essentially satellite tracking and then additionally they both have the touchscreen display you'll notice that the vivoactive four has two buttons versus one button on the vivoactive three I'm not sure if you're really gonna care but I I kind of actually prefer having the two buttons because I'm not a huge fan of touchscreens so the touchscreen works well and I don't have like major complaints about how it works but it's the less accurate and less ideal for when you're sweating a lot or working out a lot I just don't love having touchscreens that's why I prefer now having two buttons versus having just the one also they have interchangeable bands so like if you want to sport bands you can use that or you can upgrade to like leather bands or whatever you want they do use standard sizes the four uses 22 millimeter bands and the vivoactive 3 uses 20 millimeter bands so you're not going to be able to use them on the respective devices but you can find other standard bands for them as far as what they'll actually do for you it's pretty much the same stuff so terms of activity tracking its steps calories burned distance traveled you get a daily goal you get various reminders you get alarms and then as far as Fitness goes its run cycles swim swimming indoors not outdoors run cycles swim a bunch of other activities as well yoga cardio you know pretty much everything you can think of they support but the main stuff is run cycle and swim also they'll estimate your vo2 max they do have something called move IQs and when you go running you don't even actually have to tell it you're running it will recognize that you are running they have live track as well so if you want to go running bring your phone with you and you can have somebody else keep track of you on your runs that's kind of like a safety feature or if you just want to see how somebody's doing unlike you know a half marathon so they have like the bulk of the stuff is very similar as far as smart features go I think it's it's all the same right so both of them support music storage so up to 500 songs from either your personal library Spotify Amazon music Deezer and I Heart Radio so you have plenty of sources to choose from again up to 500 songs you can store on the watch and then listen phone free you also can control the music that's playing on your phone you have different widgets and apps and all that stuff you get notifications that show up on your wrist and you have Garmin pay so you can pay for goods and services on the go it's kind of like you know using Apple pay and battery life is really similar as well it's about six to seven days in SmartWatch mode that's depending on usage and anywhere from five to six hours in GPS mode with with music on again it will depend on a lot of other things the vivoactive four has a little bit better battery life but by and large it's pretty much the same thing so why would you pay up for the view active for if it's like almost the exact same thing as the vivoactive three well I'll tell you the first thing is the vivoactive four comes in two different sizes so you've got a forty millimeter and a 45 millimeter watch face or is the vivoactive three only came in a forty three millimeter size so now you just have more options so if you have more of a petite wrist maybe go with the forty millimeter if you're fine with having a little bit larger of a watch I think it's a comfortable size 45 millimeter works also this is something most people won't notice but I do think it's an upgrade you have the stainless steel or I think it's just a metal bezel on the vivoactive 4 whereas you have just a like a hard polymer on the vivoactive 3 it just kind of makes it feel like more of a premium watch now having said all of that the vivoactive 3 was actually just a little lighter than the new one I doubt you'll notice but it was a little lighter and then now on the vivoactive 4 you get a bunch of other metrics to track or use on the watch so for example hydration tracking you can actually do that on the watch so if you want to track how much you how much water you drank that day you don't have to do in the app you can now actually log that on the watch also you did get respiratory tracking pulse-ox shows up on the vivoactive 4 I think this is probably the most overrated like thing ever from Garmin unless you are a mountaineer or somebody that does a ton of exploring or hiking like serious serious hiking I doubt you'll care about you know pulse ox because it tells you your blood oxygen saturation which you really only need to keep track of and high altitudes but that shows up now on the vivoactive 4 and then one thing that is kind of interesting you do have on screen workouts for Pilates and yoga so you can actually start the app and you even have like a little avatar that guides you through workouts so I personally want to do that but I definitely could see like Emilio using that feature you can have yoga workouts directly on your wrist and the last thing smaller you probably wouldn't notice is that the vivoactive 4 has the new I think it's the generation 3 elevate heart rate sensor for garment better accuracy all this other stuff so it technically has a little bit of a different heart rate monitor even though it uses the exact same charging band as the phoenix 5 phoenix 6 vivoactive 3 all that so why get the vivoactive 3 over the vivoactive 4 so one reason is price it is more affordable we're talking about a device that's $250 versus 350 it also only come in the description you can check them out my hunch is that a lot of people are gonna say hey the vivoactive 3 was just fine I just don't know if the reasons are compelling enough to pay $100 more for the vivoactive 4 and by the way I think a lot of you know this we do look for deals every day and we post about him on our website and we find amazing deals on Garmin watches we don't sell anything but we post him out on Rizzo's comm and our free app so you might want to check that out one last reason for the vivoactive three is that they actually made a version that was compatible with Verizon so you could like send and receive messages you could download music yet certain like phone free safety features now I would imagine that a hundred people looking for this watch maybe 99% of them do not get the Verizon connectivity but it might be something that you're interested in I'm not sure that's really it like I said at the beginning this is kind of like a marginal update over the vivoactive three you know if you look at all the little things and add them up maybe they they mean something to you but I personally am NOT swayed by respiratory tracking or hydration on watch tracking or you know on screen Pilates workouts I think the new heart rate sensor is nice I like the new bezel I like the new designs the software has felt very snappy and fast and intuitive I like having the new things but I think the view active three is a darn good watch let me know what you think write me in the comments and I'll see you guys next time have a great day [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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