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[Music] hey what's up it's week four shell me fight and today we're looking at the all-new Xiaomi me band 5 I've got a few here and I've been playing around with it so is it a big improvement over to meet bands for huh let's find out let's go in the box you'll find a new magnetic charging cable the me band itself and some instructions and that's about it [Music] amoebas 5 is pretty much the same size as the me van for being approximately 46 by 18 by 12 and a half millimeters in size and weighing in at only eleven point nine grams got a 1.1 inch AMOLED touch display with a resolution of 126 by 294 pixels with a 16-bit color range and a brightness of 415 it's quite bright on the Front's below to display it's got a single touch input button which is still pretty much the same on the inside that's got 125 million power battery which should give you up to about 14 days of battery life for 20 days when it's in its battery a friendly mode and it can be charged 200% in about two hours using the new magnetic charger on the back of the me band pretty nice as you no longer will have to get the band out of this strap to charge it it's got bluetooth 5 connectivity to connect to your phone a high-precision six access sensor to detect movement and for step counting it's got a PPG heart rate sensor with a lot of improvements and a vibration motor to alert you of incoming notifications on your wrist it comes with 512 kilobytes of RAM 60 megabytes of storage which is actually the same as on the B vent 4 and just like on an even more demean Ben 5 has a 5 ATM waterproof rating so it can be easily used as a swimming tracker the installation is the same as other events you can pair it with your phone using the me fit app and once it's paired over Bluetooth you can change some of the watch settings from the app on your phone and you can synchronize all the sports activity data sleep data stress level data and heart rate data to the phone so you can keep track of it so here you can see that I've done several activities today and it keeps track of everything how many calories you've burned and all that data you can sync every single day so that you get like a graph of your improvements and you can keep track on how you're moving and besides that you get said which apps you want to send notifications to the me band set up call reminders alarms set the heart rate monitor and sleep tracker and which of the me bans apps you want to show in the quick access shortcuts menu you can set the vibration weather location settings and download additional watch spaces the global version has some different watch faces than the Chinese version and there's a lot to pick from though here on the Chinese version I even have a bunch of Spongebob ones the event itself is pretty similar in functionality to previous generations but it does have some new features when raising your wrist you can wake up the screen and from the watch face you can swipe from left to right or right the left to slide through its shortcuts that's actually kind of new per default it shows you just a few but you can entirely customize this from the me fit app to show notifications whether heart rate data and a whole bunch more these are basically just quick access to the watch's apps because when swiping up and down from the watch face you can access all the apps from to watch got exactly the same apps as on the me band for including the step counter heart rate monitor notifications weather stopwatch and all the other stuff like controlling the music on your phone but there's a bunch of new features it now comes with a stress level monitor which calculates your stress levels it's got a menstruation cycle monitor psychological activity indicator a breathing exercise to help you relax then you can actually use the me bed as a wireless shutter control for the camera on your phone this does not give you a live preview on demand but it does allow you to set up your phone on a tripod for example and use the band as a remote shutter the cool thing is that it does work on both Android and iOS last but not least there's the fitness tracking menu from here you can track a whole bunch of exercises using Demi bent this has got running cycling rowing machine but also yoga rope jumping pool swimming and freestyle fitness so let's try it out again [Music] and I've set it to track my indoor swimming after which I can set the pool size so I can track the amount of laps that I've swam the distance and how many calories I've burned and again the me band seems to hold up in water just fine again and the tracking seems to be quite good and quite accurate so water testing approved let me vent five also got a step counter and now has an idle notification to notify you when it notices that you've been sitting too long when long pressing on the watch face you can select one of the synchronized watch faces that you can sync from the me fit app and when pressing on that Settings button you can actually change the widgets that each of these faces show so you can select the show to wetter instead of the step counter if that's what you want this is still the same like we've seen under me ban three or four but there are some improvements on the five doh it has a ever so slightly bigger screen a slightly different set of sports trackers 50% more accurate heart rate sensor got that idle notification letting you know that you should stand up 24 hour sleep monitoring which is 40% increased in accuracy it's got breathing exercises the menstrual cycle tracking it's got the phone shutter controller stress level monitoring the PAI tracking it's got an improved magnetic charger and it feels a little bit lighter in weight and even though the battery capacity has stayed the same the displays color bid theft went from 24 to 16 bits which is a little bit odd but not really that noticeable and it's got a lot of strap collars that xiaomi now makes as well so that's kind of fun and then there's also an NFC version of the me band 5 this comes with a multifunctional NFC reader for metro or bus cards and payment options and it's got a built-in speaker and microphone so in China it comes with xiaomi's shall i smart speaker built-in to the watch NFC version is not yet available but should be available soon and I believe it should be released outside of China as well so your first question might be can I use this trap of the me bent for unto me band 5 and the answer here is well no it does to fit but it slightly sticks out of the top so it's not a perfect fit so I would say no it doesn't really fit that well in China to me vans five came out into Xiaomi store for a hundred eighty nine remin B which comes down to around twenty six US dollars and Xiaomi will start selling the global version soon NFC version will come out for a two hundred and twenty nine reven b which is about 32 US dollars and this one should also come out internationally although I'm not entirely sure for how much it will go so what do I think of the me ban five well generally I do like the me bans especially comparing it to the RET me bad that I've recently looked at I really love the me bans a lot more it has some improvements as I do like the idle notifications the briefing exercise the photo shutter control and all the other small improvements on the internal sensors and mostly I really like the new charging system which is really a lot better than all of its predecessors I do wonder why the display went from 24 to 16 bits but as it's not that noticeable in the UI it's kind of alright I do like the slightly bigger screen even though it's marginal I really don't mind a bigger screen and it's a bit brighter and I definitely like a brighter screen if possible I would have loved to see some smaller improvements though like maybe slightly bigger storage space so it can hold more and colorful emoji for notifications for example because it's quite close to being a me band for with several improvements some of which are very welcome it's not a major upgrade though a lot of these features like the briefing exercise and the idle notifications and the menstrual cycle tracking those are things that i actually feel could be an over-the-air update for the me band 4 as well because it doesn't require hardware upgrades i mean it's really the brighter screen improved tracking and definitely the improved charger which in my opinion are the biggest improvements on the me band 5 so what do you guys think of the all new me band 5 let me know down here in the comment section what do you guys think and don't forget to leave a little like below the video to show me that you liked it and if you're not subscribed to the channel yet well then know that you probably should as always thank you guys for watching and I hope to see y'all soon peace [Music]

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