TOP 5 SMARTWATCHES IN 2020 [by Category]

so there are so many different smartwatches out there and all of them are very different some are great for battery life some are great for fitness some can track your sleep but which ones actually the best SmartWatch you can buy and in this video I'm breaking down the top 5 smartwatches by category because everyone honestly has different needs for a SmartWatch and it's my most common question on my comments my DMS everybody wants to know what is the best SmartWatch you buy right now in 2020 and so I'm breaking it down in five different categories with one bonus category at the end and the five categories I'll be talking about in this video the first one is the best hybrid watch now not as many people know about hybrid watches but they're essentially watches with analogue hands in the front and the SmartWatch in the back so you have a longer battery life and it looks a little bit better by some standards now the second category is the best fitness watch so if you're looking to do a lot of activity and really closely track your health what is the most durable watch what is the best for fitness tracking most accurate just overall what is the best watch when you're trying to track your fitness now category number 3 is the best battery life by far one of the biggest complaints people have with smartwatches these days is the lack of battery life a lot of them only last like one to one-and-a-half days but I do actually have some smartwatches here that can last as long as indefinitely actually thanks to solar charging we'll talk about that in a second category number four then is the best fitness band so a little bit cheaper but also a little bit smaller and they're going to still be tracking your fitness what's the best one for that and then finally category number five what is the best all-around SmartWatch if somebody just says hey Mike I want to get a SmartWatch what should I get so that's we'll be answering there and then finally the bonus category is the best when you're on a budget now I'll mention it now that although this video is the top 5 smartwatches I will be mentioning more than five so I'll be mentioning some runner-ups for each category just in case the winners too expensive or for whatever reason you don't like the winner now category number one the best hybrid watch as I said before these are watches that have analogue hands on the front they're usually a little bit smaller lighter and they still do a lot of health tracking stuff that most smartwatches do if you ask me a few months ago I would have said the fossil hybrid HR but honestly my favorite right now by far and out actually out of all the watches I own the watch that I most frequently where is the garmin vivoactive watch for how small and light it is it's kind of a minimalist design has analogue hands and you don't any SmartWatch features at all until you lift your wrist up and it turns on automatically or if you double tap the screen and behind the analogue hands you actually have a digital screen that shows you everything you want from the basics of a SmartWatch so you have health tracking sleep tracking you can see your heart rate you have connected GPS when you're going on a run you can see notifications phone calls you can reply to notifications and on top of that you also have Garmin pay so I can just go up to a gas station for example buy whatever I want and just tie my watch on there after typing in a pin of course and I'm able to buy stuff just with my watch so I think the Garmin vivofit watch I also like how it looks and if you want to spend a little bit of extra money they have the Garmin of evil move locks is the more expensive version and they look really really nice know the battery life on this is five to seven days for the SmartWatch component and the actual analog hands last significantly longer and I've actually never had them die but a good runner up if you want a longer battery life would be the fossil hybrid HR it lasts about 14 for me honestly almost twenty days and that has an e ink display in the background I'll talk about that later on in the video now category number two is the best fitness watch if you're looking to go outside and you want something that's waterproof and durable and has a good battery life has excellent GPS and excellent heart rate tracking then really the go-to for smartwatches and the key word there is for smartwatches is going to be the Suunto seven the Suunto seven in my opinion I really like how comfortable it is how water resistant is and on top of that it's running where OS which is one of the main SmartWatch operating systems out there which means you're gonna have all the google apps on here you're going to have access to tons of different apps and notifications with your phone great integration and on top of that they also added the Suunto proprietary software which really brings it to the next level now this has dozens and dozens of workouts that I like to use it's also very accurate and you can track things from paragliding to surfing to hiking to really almost anything you could imagine that you'd be doing in the realm of fitness and it also works very well as an everyday watch like I said because you do have notifications on there you can reply to text and you can do basically everything you want to do in a SmartWatch now this one is definitely more expensive it's in the high $400 range and I know for a lot of people that may not be affordable so the alternative here if you're really trying to track your health is going to be I would say the Fitbit charge 4 which is significantly smaller it's more of a premium fitness band but it's coming in at $150 brand new when they released it when you're watching this video it may already be on sale and I'll have links down below to that but it has GPS it has Fitbit pay on there and it has a really good heart rate tracker you can track your sleep and of course you're using the Fitbit app as well so between all of those it's $150 significantly cheaper that's why I list that as the close runner-up for the best fitness watch now category number 3 is the best battery life and this one is hands-down a no-brainer the G Shock DVD H 1000 I just reviewed this a couple days ago and I've been wearing this for two weeks and the battery is still at a hundred percent because it charges with solar power on the top so as long as you're outside for I believe two hours per week it will last indefinitely unless you're using GPS a lot but even with using GPS for about an hour a day this watch seems to last a very very very long time being that has a large battery inside it doesn't actually use that much energy with the interface in there being that it's kind of a real fundamental of rudimentary watch where you do have fitness tracking so you have your heartrate you have your GPS you have Bluetooth notifications but that's kind of the extent of what you're going to be doing so if you want something with a long battery life that does a little bit more than that the next step would be the fossil hybrid HR as I said before it lasting about 15 to 20 days and that one is going to give you a little bit more of an interface that is a little bit more user friendly now of course you compromise you don't have GPS on that but you do have a smaller and slightly more aesthetic watch if you're trying to maybe wear it while you're going to work for example so category number four is the best fitness band and these are typically a lot cheaper and they can track your health they track your heart rates they typically don't have GPS and a lot of these and I have two picks right here one's more expensive and I mentioned it earlier in this video the Fitbit charge 4 is hands-down the king of fitness bands because it's really more of a premium fitness band like I said having Fitbit pay on there so being able to pay with NFC at a gas station for example on top of that having a five to seven day battery life having heart rate tracking having GPS it really is uncontested as far as fitness bands go and it's still very small and very sleek on your wrist now if you're looking to spend even less money than that the me band for or possibly me band 5 now that it's out depending on where you live is definitely the next best option the knee band for is selling for like 40 ish dollars which is incredibly cheap and you still have sleep tracking notifications music controls heartrate you have a lot of what you would need on a very small display on your wrist category number five the best all-around SmartWatch this is by far the most common question I get everybody wants to know which SmartWatch they get for just everyday use you know maybe they want to track their health a little bit they just want something to look good on their wrist they want a decent battery life and they want all the apps you can get and basic everyday stuff that you'd have with a SmartWatch and I'm breaking this down into Apple and Android kind of for obvious reasons because out of all these categories this is one where Apple and Android really is pretty differentiated as far as integration goes now the first four they will work with Apple or with Android almost just the same so hybrid watches for example there really is not much of a difference for Apple or Android now the best overall SmartWatch though I would say if you have an iPhone I'm gonna start with this one because admittedly it's a little bit less exciting there's less competition here it's gonna be the Apple watch series 5 it's kind of a no-brainer there you have excellent fitness tracking and on top of that you have really unbeatable integration so you have Siri and Apple music and everything just ties together so well with the iPhone that it's impossible to not recommend the Apple watch Series 5 as the go to watch for iPhone users now if you have an Android phone it gets a little bit more interesting because there's really two big ones that everybody's looking at that are both pretty much equally as impressive and I'll tell you which one I chose in a second but essentially it's the fossil Gen 5 and the galaxy watch active 2 and both of these have their own little unique benefits when comparing them and also them they both have their own unique fallbacks and I compared them head-to-head in a video that I'll link down below but my choice between these and really what I would say is the best overall Smart Watch for Android users is the Galaxy watch active 2 and I really like this personally because it does have better fitness tracking I also use the Samsung phone so it integrates better with Samsung phones and it just works very well now if you're looking I would say it probably doesn't look quite as nice as the fossil gen-5 and like I said there are definitely benefits like Google assistant and things like that on the gen 5 but the Galaxy watch active 2 is really a solid watch that does everything you need it to it's great for everyday use it has a microphone and a speaker so you can take phone calls on it use an assistant it's gonna be Bixby of course and it's just a great all-around watch which the last category then category number 6 the best of budget SmartWatch and I know there's so many different budget ones out there so really what I wanted to look at here was what is the best budget SmartWatch that does essentially the same things as a premium SmartWatch and honestly what better choice than the one that's closest to the best Android SmartWatch the Galaxy watch active one it's so much cheaper than the watch active two coming in at about 140 dollars and it gives you the majority of the same functionality that the Galaxy watch active 2 does and again I compared those head-to-head as well alright so I talked about quite a few smartwatches in this video so comment down below and let me know which one you like best and why and also I want to mention right now that although I mentioned quite a few smartwatches in this video there are also so many more smartwatches that I did not mention and just because they were not in this video does not mean they're not a great SmartWatch and it also doesn't mean that they're not the best SmartWatch for you it would just mean that maybe for example these aren't the categories that matter most to you maybe you want the best-looking SmartWatch and maybe like the Moto 360 right here maybe that would be a great tomorrow watch for you so I have reviews down below if you guys want to go and check out my channel a whole playlist on different smartwatches you can learn more about any one of these that I talked about in this video and if you want to see future smartwatches consider going down and clicking the subscribe button and the Bell icon so you don't miss it when those come out as always guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time [Music]

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